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New Epitel Low Power Mixed-Signal ASIC

December 7th, 2011 by Keith

Over the past few months, CSS has been developing a new mixed-signal ASIC for Epitel*, Inc.  One of the striking aspects of this development is the match between Epitel”s needs and the some of the unique design capabilities of CSS.   We specialize in very low power instrumentation ASICs and EEPROM technology and these specialties are  just what was needed.

The ASIC consists of programmable gain amplifiers, an analog multiplexer, a clock generator, a 128 bit EEPROM and a programmable timer circuit.  The ASIC is designed for very low power operation (battery operation)  and includes  a sleep mode for ultra-low power consumption.  The EEPROM is used for configuration control, to calibrate the analog circuits and to store a serial number.  The ASIC will be packaged in a custom DFN package to further the miniaturization process.

*Epitel is a medical diagnostic device company that has invented and will soon produce a game-changing technology.  They are developing miniature telemetric recording systems for small animal models of human disease, with its first focus on diagnostics for epilepsy.  Continuous monitoring and miniaturization will revolutionize the understanding and treatment alternatives in that field. The miniaturized Epitel system overcomes the difficulties of “tethered systems” and allows for continuous monitoring for long periods of time.  The mixed-signal ASIC is a key component in this new technology and provides the capability for miniaturization.