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CSS555 IC Timer Components Calculator

June 25th, 2012 by Keith

Since we have just introduced a new programmer for the CSS555/CSS555C Timer IC’s, now might be a good time to review how to determine the timing components – very easily – using Excel based Timing Calculators.  I’m sure most of you know how to do this, but these Timing Calculators make it easier and quickly provide all the information you need.

The Calculators include the “CSS555 Timer Delay Calculator” and the “CSS555 Adjustable Duty Cycle Calculator” for both the CSS555 and CSS555C ICs.  They are all available for download from our website on the Standard Product page.  I am showing the figure below (the “CSS555C Timer Calculator, Adjustable Duty Cycle) as an example of an input/output page for these calculators.CSS555 Component Calculator I/O Page

As you can see, the inputs (Timer Components in the green cells) include the Power Setting (selected), the Supply Voltage, the resistors and capacitor values and the output Multiplier setting (selected).  The circuit diagram including on this page indicate the locations of the resistors and capacitor used for timing.  The outputs (Calculated Timing Values), include the Output Period, Output Frequency, Output Low & High Time and the Output Duty Cycle.  Also the Calculated Supply Currents (Idle Current and Active Current) are shown.

I would like to encourage you to download a Calculator and try it out.  Please let us know what you think.


CSS555 EZ Programmer

June 7th, 2012 by Keith

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CSS has just introduced a new easy way to program the popular CSS555 and CSS555C timer circuits.  The EZ Programmer is a simpler version of the CSS555 Demo Kit.  It is less flexible than the Demo Kit, but it does not require a PC and it is very simp

le to operate.  Essentially, all you need to do is set the DIP Switch to the programmed settings you want, push the Power/Program Switch and observe the resulting programmed settings in the LED array.

The EZ Programmer Operating Manual is available Payment Plan option: $440 or $940 to recover file recovery from a hard disk that’s only worth $100-$200 can be a shock! If you cannot afford to pay the full price when the work is completed, we can offer you a monthly payment plan. for download from the Standard IC Products page of the CSS website.  The EZ Programmer is available from Jameco Electronics.

The Kit includes a PC card (DIP Switch, LED array, CSS555 DIP socket, Power/Program Button), battery holder w/batteries, an EZ Programmer Operating Manual and a mini-CD with all the CSS555 specifications, etc.

If you try this EZ Programmer, we would sure like to hear from you with your thoughts and suggestions.