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ON Semiconductor Foundry Services is now promoting the CSS NV Register for use in their C5 Foundry processes while CSS still provides and supports this IP.  The CSS NV Register is a latch based non-volatile memory circuit that is ideal for use in trimming analog circuits.  The NV Register is compatible for most of the C5 processes at ON and only requires standard processing layers (including Poly 2).

The great thing about the NV Register is that once programmed it will automatically come up in the programmed state when power is applied – nothing else is required.  Also, since it is latched based, it draws no current in normal operation.  The NV Register can easily be configured to the number of bits needed for your trimming application (7 bits will provide a setting to 1% accuracy and 10 bits will provide 0.1% setting accuracy).

At CSS we use the NV Register in most of our custom ASIC designs.  Typical applications include trimming the voltage of band-gap circuits and voltage regulators, trimming the gain, offset voltage and bandwidth of operational amplifiers, calibrating sensors, and setting oscillator frequencies.  In addition to trimming applications, often the NV Register is used to program a variety of configurations in a custom ASIC.  A good example of this is in our standard product, the CSS555 Timer circuit.  In the CSS555, the NV Register is used to set the mode (Astable or Monostable), set the 6 decade output counter (divide by 1 to 106), set the power level (Micro power or Low power), and set the voltage trip level (Standard or Low voltage).  For the CSS555C we also trim the internal timing capacitor to 100 pF ±1%.  Many other applications (storing part number, serial number, date codes, etc.) are used occasionally.  As you can imagine, the applications are essentially endless.

The NV Register is a self contained programmable non-volatile memory.  It includes a built-in programming voltage generator so no additional voltages are required.  It also programs with a single store operation and includes numerous serial and parallel interface options for entering data and reading out contents of the NV Register.

Specifications for the NV Register may be downloaded from the CSS website (CSS Classic NV Register Spec).  Also, if you have questions, please feel free to give us a call.  Call Frank Bohac at 949-797-9220 or use our contact form.