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Chronicle Technology has just recently completed ESD and life testing of its motion control ASIC, which now clears the path for production volume ramp-up. This custom designed mixed-signal ASIC is targeted for a publicly traded company’s flag ship consumer product.

The ASIC controls multiple motors for forward / reverse / variable speed / variable torque operations. Also included are 200 general purpose instrumentation amplified sensor inputs, battery charge management, voltage level sensing, a temperature sensor, an internal RC oscillator, a watchdog timer and an LDO regulator.

The motor operating Voltage range is between 5V to 35V, while the rest of the chip can operate between 3V to 5V. All control and data are available through a 10 MHz SPI bus. The part is packaged in a 68 pin QFN package.

This ASIC is similar to many others designed at Chronicle and CSS. We specialize in custom mixed-signal ASICs for control and instrumentation applications in a variety of markets. Use our contact form if you have any questions or help to decide if a mixed-signal ASIC is right for you and your application.




CSS and Chroncle Technology Merge

February 4th, 2013 by Keith

We have some great news! Custom Silicon Solutions (CSS) and Chronicle Technology’s ASIC division completed a merger as of Jan 1st, 2013. The newly combined company will continue to operate as CSS. The merger greatly increases the design bandwidth and depth of the mixed signal ASIC design capability.

Chronicle’s design team complements the CSS design team with many years of experience designing state-of-the-art, high performance circuits in Digital, Analog, Mixed-Signal, Image Sensor, and RF applications utilizing CMOS, SiGe, BiCMOS, BiPolar, CIS, and SOI process technologies. Foundry experience now includes ON Semi, Tower Jazz, XFab, Atmel, IBM, Global, UMC, SMIC, and TSMC in dimensions from 65 nm to 1.25 micron.

Chronicle Technology has been providing advanced IC designs for 17 years, producing over 200 tape-outs for clients in the Industrial, Medical, Military and Commercial markets.  Coincidentally, CSS has also been in business for about the same time (both were founded in 1996) serving similar markets. CSS has an extensive track record for shipping tested, packaged ASICs, while Chronicle’s team has extensive design expertise in advanced integrated technologies. The new CSS will be able to provide a broader range of Custom Turn-Key ASIC Solutions – from Development through Production.

Keith Shelton is partially retiring while continuing with CSS as a consultant and Board Director.