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Automotive ASICS

April 9th, 2014 by Keith

CSS is currently developing ASICs for automotive applications.  These devices present unique requirements for both the IC designer and the fabrication process – especially in the mixed-signal arena.  Some of our designers are familiar with these requirements via prior experience at Hughes Microelectronics Division in Newport Beach, California.  These designs were primarily for automotive dashboard applications (odometers, engine monitors, warning light indicators) or for related sensor applications.  See the Automotive ASICs page and Sensor ASICs page of the CSS website for examples.
Over the years, automotive electronic systems have become very sophisticated and complex as can be observed in the following picture.

Automotive Electronic Systems

Automotive Electronic Systems (Click to Enlarge)

The electronic content in vehicles is expected to continue to grow in the coming years and the market will be a driver for some electronics devices, especially micro-controllers and sensors.
Recent work at CSS has involved vehicle system interface and communication electronics.  Engine and other automotive diagnostic equipment must interface to the complex automotive systems that are subject to harsh electrical conditions (high voltage and electrical transients).  The diagnostic equipment, although outside the automobile, is still exposed to that tough environment.  For ASICs operating in these systems, this may mean special design techniques and protection circuits to survive the ESD and EOS transients commonly found in vehicle electronics.  As vehicles migrate to 24 volt systems, IC designs must accommodate higher supply voltages, typically 40 to 50 volts.  Special silicon processing capabilities is certainly a must!

Challenging, mixed-signal ASICs, such as automotive applications, are typical of CSS designs.  We specialize in systems that require custom designs and advanced fabrication processes.  If you require a custom IC that has special needs we would be pleased to review your requirements and help you make an informed decision on how to proceed.  You can get more information or ask questions via email – just go to the CSS website home page and under “Ask us about your ASIC needs” click “email”.


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