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Beyond Sports

February 5th, 2014 by Keith


Marilyn King

I just attended an excellent presentation by Marilyn King at a credit unit conference in Maui.  Marilyn King was an Olympic champion in track & field that learned through her experiences in training for sports how to succeed in most any endeavor.  She indicated this method would apply to businesses in general and I feel it applies well to companies in the semiconductor industry in particular.

One slide presented was entitled “How Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things”.  The slide indicated that “Passion + Vision + Action = Exceptional Performance”

•    Passion is the “Source of Energy and Creativity”.  For an IC design & production company, this means that everyone – the CEO, all managers and all designers – need to have a passion for designing and producing chips.

•    Vision consists of “Crystal Clear Images of the Goal”.  “How To” images will emerge from this visualization.  A semiconductor company executive may visualize what he wants his company to look like in the future.  This will enable him to realize what steps need to be taken to get there.

•    Action means that “Everything I do is in alignment with Passion”.  For the semiconductor company this could amount to a Game Plan to achieve the Goal.  Following the Game Plan prevents straying off to work that will not contribute to the goal.

All three of these need to be in play to be successful. It may be apparent that for an IC company that has the passion for IC design, a vision of what they want to be in the industry and a plan in place to get there, they have an excellent chance to be exceptionally successful.  It is my belief that at CSS we have the passion, the vision and the plan to become an exceptional IC company.

Ms. King also had a slide of “5 Reasons Why People Love Their Work”
1.    They make good money.
2.    They believe in the product or service.
3.    They believe in the company.
4.    They are personally challenged
5.    They like the people they work with.

I think this is the case for the employees of CSS.  In starting my interviews of “The Engineers of CSS” (See prior Blog) , I realized that the engineers are passionate about design technology, they like working at CSS, they are given challenging jobs and they like their fellow engineers.  The prior Blog  “The Engineers of CSS – Ravi Ananth ” seems to support this assertion.

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