CSS Mixed Signal ASIC Solutions

From Concept through Production,
your Mixed Signal ASIC Solution.

Silicon Wafer

Many of our customers have very long-term program lifetimes. We have experienced program lifetimes over 20 years – from initial design of the ASIC through high volume production to the decline of sales prior to development of a replacement product.   ASIC development requires our commitment to provide the product to the customer from beginning to end.   This may require changes in the silicon fabrication process as technology evolves, changes in the package (such “green” packages) and it certainly involves our product engineers continuously monitoring the entire production process to assure that yield and quality is maintained.

We just renewed an annual agreement for continued production of an ASIC with a customer we have worked with for many years. We have been producing this ASIC in millions annually for over three years and plan to continue production for the lifetime of our customer’s product.  We have experience with other long term customers, where the annual volumes are volatile and change with market conditions. We fully supported these changing requirements.  Long-term commitment to customer support is essential for a successful ASIC company and CSS is in business to provide that kind of service.

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