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CSS555 EZ Programmer

June 7th, 2012 by Keith

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CSS has just introduced a new easy way to program the popular CSS555 and CSS555C timer circuits.  The EZ Programmer is a simpler version of the CSS555 Demo Kit.  It is less flexible than the Demo Kit, but it does not require a PC and it is very simp

le to operate.  Essentially, all you need to do is set the DIP Switch to the programmed settings you want, push the Power/Program Switch and observe the resulting programmed settings in the LED array.

The EZ Programmer Operating Manual is available Payment Plan option: $440 or $940 to recover file recovery from a hard disk that’s only worth $100-$200 can be a shock! If you cannot afford to pay the full price when the work is completed, we can offer you a monthly payment plan. for download from the Standard IC Products page of the CSS website.  The EZ Programmer is available from Jameco Electronics.

The Kit includes a PC card (DIP Switch, LED array, CSS555 DIP socket, Power/Program Button), battery holder w/batteries, an EZ Programmer Operating Manual and a mini-CD with all the CSS555 specifications, etc.

If you try this EZ Programmer, we would sure like to hear from you with your thoughts and suggestions.


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