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CSS555 to Custom ASIC

June 1st, 2014 by Keith

The CSS555 is a very low power timer IC (active current < 5 micro-amps).  It also has a programmable internal timing capacitor and a divider on the output which can be programmed to divide the output pulse in decades from 1 to a million.  However, it was the very low power that attracted Epitel to the device.  They wanted to use it in a medical application to study epilepsy – a battery powered sensor and data transmitter.  Their first application used the CSS555 in a small custom package.  This worked well, so they decided to build a custom ASIC with additional capabilities based on the CSS555 low power technology – the CSS094.

The CSS094 combines a low power 555 Timer with a 6-channel amplifier.  It can be used to monitor up to 6 biometric parameters.  The 555 circuit generates timing control clocks and a FM signal for the antenna.  A high voltage driver has also been included to drive the antenna directly.  An internal EEPROM provides storage for a serial number, calibration and configuration data.  The low power specifications are impressive: 10 micro-amps operating current with less than 50 nano-amps in the sleep mode.

2ch-transmittrThe Epoch Transmitter

The resulting product from Epitel, the “epoch system” provides wireless in vivo recording for low-cost, long-term monitoring.  Depending on the battery, the epoch transmitter (using the CSS094) can provide 2 months to 6 months of continuous monitoring.   See the Transmitter Implant page on the Epitel webpage for more complete transmitter specifications.

Low power instrumentation ASICs are a specialty of CSS in our custom ASIC designs.  We often combine this capability with our non-volatile memory latch technology to provide programming capability, as we did with the CSS094.  If you have an application needing very low power in a mixed-signal technology (combined analog and digital), please call us at 949-797-9220 or use our contact form  for a no obligation recommendation.

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