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"Real" Analog Design

March 18th, 2012 by Keith

I read an interesting article recently discussing the advantages of Custom Analog ASICs.    It was an excellent article and it pointed out something I had not previously considered.  In a previous Blog, I discussed the advantages of a Mixed-Signal ASIC (Analog & Digital combined on a chip) and the advantages that I suggested were also included in the article – lower cost, saving space, improved reliability, better performance and improved reliability.   The author pointed out that his company does “REAL” Analog design – meaning full custom analog design – as opposed to a company that does “mixed-signal” design because they use analog functions from a cell library.

I agree that “REAL” analog design (full custom) could have significant advantages over a limited cell library of analog functions.  It had just never occurred to me that “mixed-signal”  design houses were thought by some to do their analog designs only with cell library functions.

So, I want to point out that Custom Silicon Solutions does “REAL” analog design in our mixed-signal chips.  We tailor our analog designs to meet our customer”s needs.  Typically this means that we have a combination of standard analog cells, modified analog standard cells  and full custom analog designs.  We feel this gives us the best performance at the lowest cost.


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